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Reach out and Touch Some-BAAAHH-dy: Beastiality Is Not Illegal In These States

Look, I love animals. You love animals. But we don’t LOVE animals, right? We aren’t ready to take this relationship to the next level and get physical, are we?

Well, if you are ready, then I have some great news for you. Beastiality – a physical expression of love between man and beast – is not EXPRESSLY illegal in 10 states: Texas, New Mexico, Nevada, Wyoming, Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, Vermont, New Jersey, and New Hampshire (note: N.J. and N.H. have legislation pending).

Interestingly enough, these states also have the sexiest sheep in the nation. Coincidence? Ewe decide.
Cruel Intentions: Animal Cruelty in the U.S.

It’s never O.K. to abuse an animal, but it isn’t always expressly illegal. While every state in the U.S. has an animal cruelty felony provision on the books, not all animals are covered and not all abuse is illegal (although sometimes reporting it is).

The Legal Radar took a look at animal cruelty and the laws in each state.

The article also looked at the link between animal abuse and domestic abuse as well as cruelty’s status as an indicator crime.

Moral of the story? Be kind to Milo, Otis, Babe, and all the rest of the animal kingdom.
What Percenter Are You?

The last few years, there has been a lot of talk about the nation’s one-percenters – income wise, not the Outlaw Motorcycle Club. An income of 250k plus puts in the top one percent of earners in the U.S.

Ever wonder how your income stacks up? The Wall Street Journal created a tool to let you find out.
(click the image to use the tool)

The also breakdown your percentile by education level, generation, and heritage.
Alcohol-ey Crap!!! Americans Name Booze the Biggest Drug Threat

Despite the rampant war on drugs, ever increasing heroin overdose deaths, and cartel shenanigans , Americans have found that alcohol is the biggest drug threat facing the nation.